Attention Facebook Affiliates!

If you are running Facebook, you should be familiar with the constant struggle of account bans. Facebook is always changing their policies and algorithms and that is proving a headache for many affiliates. Sometimes, even white hat campaigns get flagged out.

So I just came back from TES Lisbon / Cascais, and I met many good people over there. One of them is a Facebook account provider. He’s a really cool guy and they have been in the business for about 10 years. If you are looking for help to fix your account bans and scale, my guy could be a useful solution. Send me an email at or Skype me if you want to get in touch.

Here are the product details in a snapshot:

  • 2+ year old accounts + fan pages
    -you don’t need the hassle of farming
  • Activated and warmed-up ads manager + safe ad campaigns
    – you don’t need to warm-up the fb accounts
  • Complete safe-site
    – you don’t need domains, hosting or servers
  • Private secure web wallet
    -you don’t need to add your own payment method
  • Full access login into your own VPS
    – You don’t need VMware or Teamviewer
  • Dedicated Account manager
    -You don’t need to do daily activity

Our delivery time is the fastest in the industry with every amount, we can do 250 accounts right now a week with the same quality and they are ready to go. When the wire lands within 24 hours you will get your accounts but we can do even faster