Podcast – Episode #5: TheOptimizer – Affiliate Marketing Optimisation Made Easy

“Imagine you have 10 campaigns, all of them in different timezones, you have to stay up all night or accept the loss you will have when they run while you sleep” – Losid Berberi, CMO of TheOptimizer

Are your affiliate marketing campaigns keeping you up late at night? If so, this episode is definitely for you. Today we’re excited to have Losid Berberi, Chief Marketing Officer of TheOptimizer join us for an insightful talk on how automation can make running any affiliate marketing campaign much easier.

Being affiliate marketers themselves,  TheOptimizer team understood the problems everyone in the industry faced. If the repetitive tasks of pausing ads, changing landing pages, optimising bids etc… sounds familiar, then listen up because someone has the solution to save you from pulling another all nighter to monitor your campaign.

With an automated platform, it’s even possible “to create more than 65 campaigns with 5-6 creatives each under 20 mins”.  Such time-saving benefits that TheOptimizer bring can do plenty to help all the affiliate marketers out there in scaling up their campaigns.  Make sure to stay till the end to hear about an exciting update coming up with landing pages!

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You’ll find out:  

  • How TheOptimizer started & challenges faced
  • How affiliates can improve their campaigns with automation
  • Unique features on TheOptimizer that affiliates will find useful
  • Personal Tips & Recommendations
  • Exciting updates coming up for TheOptimizer

For the curious, here’s the Case Study mentioned.

Just so you know, TheOptimizer is now integrated with these traffic sources below so if you’re using them,  make sure to take full advantage of it!

The Optimizer Native:
MGID, RevContent, Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, VoluumDSP, ContentAd, AdsKeeperRunative

The Optimizer Mobile:
ZeroPark, PropellerAds, PopAds, PopCash, ExoClick, Plugrush, HilltopAds, RTX, Clickadu, Richpush

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